Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Down and Counting...

It's hard to imagine that only one year ago Giancarlo and I were saying goodbye, packing up the apartment, putting everything we owned into storage and living off a blowup mattress before moving here. I'd be lying if I said everything went perfectly and easily from the moment we landed, but (I remind you that this is Italy) we had our fair share of "oh god, what are we doing..." moments. But thinking back on all the good, the bad and the downright confusing moments feels like a lifetime ago. We've decided to stay on for another year, if only for the food alone. But there is still much more to discover here, many more awkward and great Italian moments to be had and new challenges to take on.

I celebrate this anniversary, of course, by going to California for three weeks in three weeks. It will be the first time I've headed back to California in a year. A new record for me, although not one that I'm generally proud of. I'm a little nervous to see what America has become. A little nervous knowing that it's not the same place I left a year ago. Talking with friends back home, I couldn't think of a better time for Giancarlo and me to be here in Italy. Companies (mainly the ones that we used to work for,) that were on a roll are no longer the same companies we left a year ago. Friends that were NYC lifer's have moved on outside of New York, only to save themselves from future layoffs or from being victims of the financial downturn. Any second guesses I had a year ago about moving to this country are out the window, and I feel very fortunate to be here with Giancarlo enjoying this adventure.

I don't know what May 2010 holds in store for us, but we definitely have a few adventures already booked for this summer, and right now I can't think of anything better..(except for going home to California!)


MissB said...

Yay! I am glad your staying. Hopefully it will finally stop raining here in CA before you visit!

It is hard turning on the news here and all you hear about is the economy. Good for you for making it through a year and following your dreams.

nicole viola said...

Yay! Hope I get to see you!

Megan in Liguria said...

So glad to hear you'll be staying a bit longer. When will you make it back our way??? M:)

Polideuce said...

Godetevi il viaggio e il soggiorno; spero vi divertiate :)


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