Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Food Fest '09

The other week we had another set of Londoners in Bologna for the weekend. Heather and Dave came to celebrate European Labor Day with us. Ok not really, it was Dave's birthday present (coincidentally the day before mine), and for all of us it was just an excuse to have a day off.

The weekend went as follows; ate an exorbitant amount of Bologna's finest cooking, booked simultaneous flights to Amsterdam for August (GC's birthday!), references to Euro Trip were made in abundance, and hopefully come March 2010 we'll have new American/British neighbors in Bologna!

Here's a fun fact: It is also now an "unofficial" rule for visitors to Bologna to purchase Doritos for Giancarlo. Even if the bags pop in-flight, he will still eat them.

(Sorry for the blurry quality, I was laughing too hard to focus the camera)

It's now also another "unofficial" rule that you must also bring Giancarlo a three pence vinyl record appropriately named, "Too Hot Ta Trot" which is composed of songs by such greats as Diana Ross, The Commodores, Smokey Robinson, Jermaine Jackson and many (oh yes) many more. You know its going to be a good weekend!

(Here's a fun fact: This was the #1 R&B album on Billboard's Top 200 in 1978)

(Again, laughing)

The only thing we did all weekend long was eat...drink...laugh...and enjoy the warm weather which finally decided to arrive.

First things first, Gelato!

Relaxing in the sun.

Cold Cuts and Kisses.

Introduction to aperitivo hour (the guy behind Dave wants in).

Our homeboy, Del Bono, was having a sagra for two weeks in the centro as part of his campaign. I don't ask why, I just go.

Wandering around Bologna, we found this little restaurant/bar where the menu was random pieces of cardboard hung up around the outside of the place. We dug the style...

...so we stopped in for a drink.

We definitely commited one of the seven deadly sins that weekend (guess which one), but I think when you visit Bologna you have to. Of course after you eat, you have to walk around and see the sights (as we did), but eating in Bologna always comes first.

Video hopefully to follow...

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