Friday, May 2, 2008

And we're off!

My life this week has finally boiled down to two blow up air mattress and a very, very sore back. We finally moved everything into storage yesterday. My life officially packed away in boxes and suitcases.
However, we did get some more good news from Giancarlo's cousin, Patrizia, who we're staying with in Milan. (I love when she calls... always something good!) She's taking us to Lake Como next weekend. I already called my boy George, and told him to get my room ready! Next week is going to be another whirlwind, but what else is new for us right now.

In the next two days, we are going to figure out how the heck to watch LOST overseas (our previous plan of attack came to a halt last night...anyone have any ideas!?) and figuring out how to drop my luggage weight by 10 lbs. (I really think that they should automatically deduct the weight of the suitcase itself.)

We're also all signed up for SKYPE!! We're getting our web cams today, but if you have SKYPE e-mail me here for name switches! IF you don't have Skype.. sign up! It's free!


Yaya & Papa said...

I tried to access the link to your email but it was an error. We have skype-need to check with nicole to see how my acct reads for others. I sign in as "kpscarlett" but my screen reads "Karen Pavone" so will let you know. So you are off then??? How exciting!!! Safe travels and acclaimating (sp) settling into your new home. Love ya!

The Thomas Kidlets said...

Good luck with everything!!

american girl in italy said...

We do have LOST in Italy, but it is a couple of seasons (or maybe just one) behind.

I have a Slingbox, and the base of it is at my dads in California. I can watch US tv, but the programs are on PST time.

You can also get SKY satellite and see LOST.


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