Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2 months!!!

Today we officially hit the "2 month" mark! Although it feels like a lot of time, the reality is that it's going to fly by. We still have so much to do and basically we just have the next two weeks left to do it. The last part of March we have guests in town, then a good portion of April are shot do to so much activity (my birthday, friends in town, flying to LA, then to SF for a wedding, then back to LA, then down to San Diego, then back up to Orange County for our engagement/going-away party, then back to New York to pack and move the last week before leaving the 5th) AH! On top of all the traveling out West that we have to do, our list continues to grow.. well actually Giancarlo's portion, even though the whole point is to start checking stuff off.

Still left to do (and in no order.. because why would that work ha!)
1. Find a storage space
2. Price out good 'ol uhaul's for moving
3. Deal with the 500 consulate issues
4. Change of address
5. Figure out international banking
6. Deal with health insurance
7. Headhunters, extra paperwork, finish TEFL and all the loose ends that we have to tie up out here.

OK. Ready. Set. GO!

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