Friday, March 7, 2008




Yep, that's right.. I quit! Today I gave my notice at work. Why so early? Well, the music biz never sleeps, and fortunately/unfortunately, I'm dead-smack into two huge projects that are coming out when we are leaving. So to be the fair person I am, we need to train a new publicist so that they can pick up where I've so happily left off. Great timing, right?! Plus we're gone most of April and moving, so that just leaves us really the next two weeks! Ah, my

I knew that it was going to be difficult. A tear or two might have been shed. It wasn't like I loved my job, but the people that I worked with, I adored. They're my day-to-day family. I see them early in the mornings, late at nights, on the weekends for shows or even just to hang out. We talk about life, work and the frustrations and joys with both. It's been almost 3 years here. I know that when you close one door, another one opens. This door is leading to Italy, and (hopefully) all the wonderful things in store for us out there. For as antzy as I am about leaving, I'm surprised I'm so emotional. My "official" last day of work is April 25th, so I have two months to find my replacement, hopefully not overwhelming them with everything that I'm leaving, say my goodbyes.. and hop on a flight to Italia.

Holy gucamole, this is real!.


Rob and Kelly said...

WOW!!! Moving to Italy??!?!? That is SOOO great! I will live vicariously through you :) My dream is to one day go to Italy. So, maybe one day I will come and you can show me around.

Can't wait to read more of your adventure!

Giancarlo & Emily said...

plese come!!!! you have a free place to stay and a babysitter :)


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