Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ants in my pants

Lucky me! The internet is down at work today, so what does that mean!? I'm "working" from home! Or as I like to call it "catching up on everything we still need to get done and day-dreaming while watching Oprah" from home today. It's cold out.. not even breaking 30 degrees.. no mi piace. So thank you for saving me to searching in the cold for my lunch. Ms. em is cold and antsy.... and she knows that you won't be around that much longer for her. Good/bad.. still up for debate.
In other news, I feel that the blog is looking a little I'm posting some pretty pictures (of warm weather) till I actually have some decent non-NYC-cold weather ones!

(Picture:Fano, Italy-July 2006) See you in two months!

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