Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rain, Rain, More Rain..... and Chocolate?

All of a sudden, Bologna turned into Seattle.

It's been raining for about 5 or 6 days straight. Starts off with a drizzle, turns into a downpour, then goes back to drizzling. Wash, rinse, repeat. Every single day.

Needless to say, we haven't really been out much other than for work. But finally today it cleared up, and we walked around the center of Bologna to find something being set up in the Piazza. Something big, too. So i asked one of the workers what was going on, and he said they were setting up for the annual chocolate festival.

5 days of nothing... but.... CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Check it:

Stay tuned... the fun starts Wednesday!


Polideuce said...

Bologna ha sempre delle iniziative interessanti, l'ho sempre trovata una città molto vivace...e bella :)
Godetevi il cioccoshow :)

MissB said...

I enjoy reading your blog because I am thinking of moving to Italy from California. I was wondering, what type of camera you use for your photos? - it has a really nice quality.

emily said...

Glad you're enjoying! I use a cannon xti, and i love it!!
Good luck with your move!!

Courtney said...

Hey kids, I finally finished my "tag" entry! Happy Thanksgiving. Could you find a turkey in Bologna? We had a hell of a time last year trying to track on down in Treviso. :)

Giancarlo & Emily said...

No, no luck with the turkey hunt... I think you seriously need to start in September! And I agree, I really don't understand the concept of canned cranberry jelly... that you're supposed to eat. Some things will never be missed ;)


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