Friday, November 7, 2008

Take a little Pisa my heart

Ok, I totally blame Giancarlo for that line....

Last Sunday, on a whim, we decided to have a picnic in Pisa. Pisa is roughly 2 hours from us, some might say a long way to go for a picnic, but when you have one of the wonders of the world awaiting you, I guess it doesn’t seem that far.

I'd love to say that we wandered the streets in search of cafes, or a great little Osteria, but I'll be honest, we went to be cheesy tourists and to have a picnic. It was our only mission, and I think we succeeded. And god bless the Italian liquor laws, and god bless the lax security for allowing us to bring our wine and knife (purely for bread and meat cutting) aboard a train and in public at one of the wonders of the world. Only in Italy...

In all her glory

Setting up shop for lunch

The goods

Dancing with his other lady...

Inspired first by this bellina

For the folks

Making it look effortless...

To check out the rest of the photos click here. Next up to bat... Verona!

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