Monday, October 6, 2008

Lazy Sunday - Italian Style

Hey Everyone, It’s GC. For those of you that knew me back in Brooklyn, you’ve definitely heard about my world famous “Lazy Sundays.” Well, for the first time in a while, Em and I have finally enjoyed a “Lazy Domenica” Italian style. No prepping for lesson plans, or having a set schedule to abide by, or deciding which train we need to catch to get to or from Bologna. We simply woke up, and did what we felt like.

As per usual, the church bells woke us up. This time – the ones at 9:30 AM, not the 7:45 ones. (Yeah – it’s a far cry from Brooklyn when an early weekend morning for me was getting out of bed before 11am.) We made some espresso, had our chocolate-filled brioches (which have replaced the bacon-egg-and-cheese on an everything bagel), and decided to re-watch some of Season 2 of Lost. Taking advantage of our recently re-arranged living room, we put our feet up and watched some TV.

After a couple episodes, we decided to cook our Sunday pranzo together. (We’re definitely not in Brooklyn anymore. I’ve replaced my bible of delivery menus with pots, pans, a stove, and groceries. Lots of ‘em.) We decided on Gnocchi cooked with butter and sage, followed by grilled chicken breasts, a salad and fruit. Two words: flavor country.

Later on after pranzo, we went walking around Bologna for a couple hours. We tried to go to the Museum d’Arte Moderna di Bologna (aka MAMbo!) but on the way there, we realized it was soccer hour. So we went to what’s become our favorite pub to watch the games (unfortunately Bologna’s team is turning out to be the NY Jets of Italian soccer). Although we weren’t at Redd’s in Brooklyn or crashing on the couch at my old apartment watching the Chargers or the Jets, it was totally the dose of soccer…I mean, football, that the doctor ordered to make our Lazy Sunday a little more like Lazy Domenica.

We met up with my cousin Guglielmo for one more passegiatta around Piazza Maggiore, and decided to head back home and call it a night. I ended up in the kitchen toasting some bread, and Em was at the table chopping up some tomatoes and onions and we made ourselves a nice little nightcap of bruschetta before watching a couple more episodes of Lost on my computer.

Alla prossima...

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