Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Party in the Piazza!

Italy is famous for its food, wine and festa's. This past Saturday (which lead to Lazy Domenica) we decided to make an adventure of finding our way to the Festa di San Martino, but when we realized that the walk would be more like hours and not minutes from the bus, we decided to stay in Bologna for the Festa di San Petronio, the patron saint of Bologna.

I’m not Catholic, but the passion that the Italians have for the saints (seriously there’s like a festa for every one) is contagious. We decided to make a day of the festa, and get into the Italian spirit.

The procession after 5 o'clock mass.

We joined the locals drinking in the piazza, listened to the bands play on stage, and anxiously awaited the opening of the food and wine tents.


Wine tasting.

Italian lines, or mosh pits rather, and nonna totally cutting me in my line.

A happy man getting his free food.

Right before my battery died...you've got yourself a mortadella sandwich, biscotti and an apple. Free dinner, not gonna complain.

After a quick run home for a battery charge, we returned to the piazza and again, in true Italian fashion, the night ended with fireworks for the patron saint. Even his name lit up the night!

Hoping that the building wouldn't catch on fire

What every patron saint needs, his name in lights!


This weekend we’re going to try our luck at one of the five other festa’s outside the Bologna walls… What is your favorite Italian festa?

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Yaya and Papa said...

Great pics of the fireworks.

Unfortunately when we visited Italy we weren't in port at night so we didn't get to experience a festa!! Looks like lots of fun though!


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