Sunday, April 11, 2010

Next Chapter

Forgive me in the lack of blogging lately. Life here has been quite the roller coaster the past month. We've had many curve balls thrown our way, both good and bad and we haven't really known the next step in life to take. Recently, though, the path has become quite clear and I couldn't be more excited. We're moving back to New York!

Our time in Italy has been an interesting adventure that we will always hold close to our hearts, but our home is in New York. The next chapter in our life will be bringing us back home, to America. We couldn't be happier to be back with family and friends, and (hopefully) back into our careers.

We'll be here in Italy until July while we wrap up work, and taking in every enjoyable second that we have here in Bologna.

Hopefully you'll join us on the ride!!


nicole viola said...

well that's pretty exciting although I'm bummed we never made it over to visit you!!

Roberta said...

Cari Emily e Giancarlo!!
Ve l'ho già detto ma lo scrivo pubblicamente: mi dispiace che Bologna non sia stata capace di trattenervi, MA SOPRATTUTTO ci mancherete TANTISSIMO!! L'unica magra consolazione di questa brutta storia è che dovremo venire spesso (lo spero) a NYC a trovarvi per mangiare insieme un buon Beagle, conoscere qualche Guido's e fare qualche scorribanda notturna per club e bar!!
A domani sera, Robbi

marybeth said...

ciao from the U.S.
I just recently discovered your site and have found it to be a treasure trove of information about life in Italy, where I spend a lot of time. You have one of the best sites I've found for interesting and well-written posts about travel in Italy.
Tanti auguri about your upcoming move...for me, I'm hoping to be spending more time in Italy! So I'll enjoy the blog while you're still there....
grazie mille

Anonymous said...

Ciao from United States. I'm so bummed about your news for selfish reasons. You are my inside connection to Bologna... the city I long for. I'll keep visiting until July and then maybe you can start a blog on New York a city I hope to get to one day. Thanks for all the lovely posts I've been able to enjoy in the past and as a result of your dedication. Tanti auguri! Valorie


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