Monday, March 23, 2009

"Do you accept Lira, or is it all Euros now?"

I know Em loves her Venti Mocha Cappuccino with skim, but Paul Rudd just said everything I ever wanted to say in a Starbucks:


bolognastyle said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog, I lived in bologna last spring, it was amazing! I'm sure you discovered all of the best restaurants and Gelateria by now, but if not I can recommend a couple of my favs! Salutami Bologna!
Baci & Abbracci,

LuLu said...

Awesome!! I love Paul Rudd!!

bolognastyle said...

Hi there!
Well if you haven't been to these places I highly recommend them!
For Lunch:
Osteria Senzanome, it's on via senzanome (best lunch for 10 euro's no menu-they have 3 daily special pastas you can choose from, includes water, coffee, wine, and dessert!)

For Panini's cous cous and more organic type items-
Cafe della Paix

Dinner-Incredible this guy is a creative genius when it comes to food, i had pasta made with coffee beans--he makes incredible dishes!
Scaccomatto Trattoria
(Trattoria in Broccaindosso)
Via Broccaindosso 63/B Bologna

For Apperativo-They give you so much food when you order just a glass of wine! Pasta, pizza etc. really great for apperativo!
Byblos II
via marsala, 17 - bologna (bo)

Gelaturo gelateria is my fav for downtown Bologna--via san vitale near the porto, semi di finocchio amazing-my fav flavor or Cannolo sicliano.

Outside Bologna, take the bus-Creameria Scirocco voted best of Bologna this guy is a genius!

Well i hope you like my recommendations let me know how they are!!


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