Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where to start?

I moved to New York City by default two years ago with the intention that it would be a fun adventure, and I was dying to get out of California. Never did I imagine that I would be going through the same feelings living in New York after two years that I had living my whole life in California- anxious to get out. Don't get me wrong, New York is NOT a horrible place but living and working on an island with over 8 million (seemingly-angry) people can wear on you, fast. But, instead of moving back to California (just yet) my finacee and I are making the move to live in Italy.

I met Giancarlo three years ago through work. I am publicist, he's a marketing manager and it was a fateful conference call that just left the two us of talking and three years later engaged. I'd always dreamt of living in New York. It was the fact that I'd never known snow at Christmastime, never seen the changing colors of the trees or what they call public transportation. I had my gas-guzzling SUV and a lifetime supply of flip-flops back home in California, but the challenge to try something new was just too tempting to pass up. So, I packed up my apartment in Los Angeles, sold my car and hopped on a one-way flight with my suitcase and backpack in tact for the Big Apple.

But it was this past summer that was an epiphany for both Giancarlo and myself. In the talks of moving to California, we both wanted to live overseas and experience something completely out of our element. He took me to Italy for the first time in 2006 and I didn't want to leave, especially to come back to New York. Every summer Giancarlo would go with his parents to Italy. He's half Italian and half Ecuadorian. His mother is Italian and has family all over Italy.. in fact everyday there is a new cousin and a new aunt. (That is what I love the most!) As for me, I'm more of a Euro-mut, but mostly French. It was when my dad took my sister and I to Paris for the first time when we were young that I feel in LOVE with Europe. I traveled around some more after I graduated from College but, couldn't stay long because I had to get back to the U.S. to venture out into the real working world.

Now, five years later, priorities shifted and with Giancarlo getting his Italian dual-citizenship and both of us exhausted from the sinking music industry, we thought move now before we regret not ever going. So this is us... future expats in our pursue of "la dolce vita."


sognatrice said...

Welcome to the blogosphere and congratulations on your decision to make the big move! Exciting, scary, fun...in bocca al lupo!

PS Thanks for the link to my blog in your sidebar :)

Marti said...

Just found your blog, can't wait to read all of your adventures.


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