Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Breakfast

I'm a little behind in a few blog posts, especially this one.

When we returned from America, we decided to gather our Italian friends and have an American Brunch, complete with everything bagels, scrambled eggs, muffins and of course, bacon (which we finally discovered you can buy here!).

It was so much fun, for the first time being on the other side of the food-spectrum and sharing the concept of brunch and a heavy American breakfast. It by no means can compete with Lasagna, Tortellini or homemade ragu`, but everything bagels can come close, right?!

A big thanks to Roberta for letting us crash her kitchen!

{Chef Pacheco}

{The delish everything bagel with bacon, egg and cheese - a NY staple!}

{Sampling the goods}


Anonymous said...

I love the american breakfast... really delicious! I was happy... you can see directly from the pictures! Evviva il bagel! Baci e grazie, Paola

Em and GC said...

Evvia il bagel! E il cheez-wiz ma solo per davide!


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