Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Ladies of We:Plan

I've been meaning to write this post for some time now, but if you're thinking of planning a destination wedding in Italy, you need to check out the ladies of We:Plan here in Bologna. I started freelancing with these ladies over the summer, and quickly fell in love with not only their style but the loving personalities of these two ladies. We quickly became fast friends and I absolutely adore them.

You can check out their blog here (where I'll be contributing) about everything, and I mean everything you want to know about the non-touristy Italian places to eat and stay, weddings in Italy, eco-friendly Italy and weddings, and off-the-beaten path travel ideas. These ladies seem to know everyone here in Bologna and more or less all of Italy, and they know how to make quite possibly some of the most beautiful Italian weddings I've seen. They also know how to do it create these beautiful weddings on a budget which nowadays is even more important.

My favorite wedding- wedding and cocktail party. The brides dress is Dolce & Gabbana.

You can also check out their press page for past weddings that have been published. These ladies are smart, stylish, extremely creative, and I wish I had them around in 2008!

Paola and Roberta of We:Plan

For more information, click here for their main webpage (English or Italian)
We:Plan - Wedding & Event Planner
Via Andrea Costa 4 - 40134 Bologna
tel + 39 051 432907
fax + 39 051 4392277 - C.F. e P. Iva 02688091202

For press (English & Italian) contact:

And stay tuned over at the We:Plan blog as we debate who had the prettier Christmas... Bologna or New York!

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