Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Gustare La Cucina Bolognese al Ristorante e in Trattoria

Well, we never said we'd do all 101 things in order - so here we are starting with #92 of the 101 things to do in Bologna. It's a number you'll probably see a lot of on this blog, and (hopefully) experience just as equally in Bologna - Enjoy the cuisine at a Bolognese restaurant or trattoria.


Some of the mentioned restaurants in the book are Il Caminetto d'Oro, l'Osteria dei Poeti, Annamaria, Da Gianni a la Vecia Bulagna and of course one of our favorite places, L'osteria Broccaindosso, which is so off-the-beaten path that google had virtually nothing on it. (Via Broccaindosso 7/a- telephone: 051.234153 - reservations are highly recommended).

This weekend we tried another Bologna staple (and a favorite of this American chef), Tamburini. If you walk around the center of Bologna, it's difficult to miss this culinary treasure. Mortadella, prosciutto, salami and various other meats overflow the front windows of the building, while on the other side every kind of hand-made tortellini, tortelli, tortelloni, etc., tempt passers-by to come in.

The window meat display at Tamburini

Hand-made tortellini

On Saturday we wandered in, passed the mountains of meats, cheeses and pastas and tucked away in the back of the store is a little self service restaurant. There you grab a tray and ask for a pitcher where you pour your own wine of choice, and tell the man behind the counter which pasta with ragu you'd like. Then you continue to choose which secondo you prefer (and if you have room, there is also dessert). After those easy steps, you pay and choose a place to sit. We arrived around 1 p.m. and it was perfect timing, shortly after a flood of Italians entered for the lunch hour.

Pranzo alla Tamburini

The line that quickly followed

via Caprarie, 1

40124 Bologna
tel +39 051 234726

*If you live in the EU - Tamburini can ship it's goodies, click here for more information. Sorry Americans, no shipping there yet - however I do have some other goodies coming your way, so stay tuned!


littlemissellie said...

loved Tamburini when I lived in Bologna, ah the nostalgia, we used to have lunch there all the time :)

Em and GC said...

Aw, yeah it's great and relatively cheap!

mrs.mfc said...

yummm i want some of that tortellini!


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