Monday, January 18, 2010

101 Cose Da Fare A Bologna

Last year (technically just last month since this happened in December), as a Christmas present one of Giancarlo's students gave him the book 101 Cose Da Fare A Bologna (101 Things to Do in Bologna).

Since coming back to Bologna from New York, we've made it our New Year's Resolution alla Bolognese to do all these things this year with the book as our guide. Some of the things we've already done - like spending an evening at Osteria del Sole, visiting all three main historical buildings in Piazza Maggiore (especially San Petronio's church!), checking out the Fountain of Neptune at just the right angle, shopping at the local organic farmers' market, making the trek up to San Luca, eating at traditional Bolognese trattorias, and a couple other things that I'm forgetting right now.

But now, it's game on! We've got our Sharpie in hand ready to cross off all these different things we have left to do in Bologna as the year progresses. And yes, I'll be taking pictures and blogging about each and every one of them. Which means as of today, we have about 90 some-odd more things to do!


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nicole viola said...

awesome idea! can't wait to "follow along" for the ride virtually. :)


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