Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pandoro Season

One of the best things about Christmas in Italy is Pandoro arriving to the markets! Pandoro is typically from Verona and according to my friend, Wiki- " it's the product of the ancient art of breadmaking, as the name, Pan d'oro ("golden bread"), suggests. Throughout the Middle Ages, white bread was consumed solely by the rich, while the common people could only afford black bread and, often, not even that. Sweet breads were reserved for nobility. Breads enriched with eggs, butter and sugar or honey were served in the palaces and were known as "royal bread" or "golden bread".

You can also find, Panettone but to me it's the equivalent of fruit cake in America. Nowadays, you can find Pandoro in the original flavor (seen below) but also Tiramisu, Panna e Cioccolato (cream and chocolate) and mixed fruit. This weekend we had some fun with our first Pandoro of the season.

You can find traditional Pandoro and Panettone here at Bauli (and a little Italian Christmas music as a bonus)

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