Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lazy Sunday, American Style.

Blogs posts are gonna be few and far between while we're back home, but it's great being back!

We're finally having a lazy Sunday (which GC was famous for back when he lived in Brooklyn) after a whirlwind 6 days that included Christmas markets in Columbus Circle and Bryant Park (Union Square and Rockefeller Center, you're up next), hot apple cider, shopping, parties in Brooklyn, a loooooooong night at Bar 119, some non-Italian food (aka NYC street meat), and LOTS and LOTS of snow.

Photos of our days and nights out and about will be up soon, but for now we're gonna get back to watching the Jets lose, the Chargers (hopefully) win, relaxing on the couch, and doing.... NOTHING!

Happy Lazy Sunday!

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