Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving alla Bolognese

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and being away from America, the American expat is once again confronted with the reality that other parts of the world don't celebrate the same things (like Dad - when you wondered when the 4th of July fireworks were going to start around the world. It never gets old!). But you miss these little holiday gatherings. Not to mention the other big reality check... trying to find a store that will sell you a whole uncooked turkey.

Fortunately for us, the ladies that I work with (which I've been meaning to get you up to speed on) have asked a local restaurant here in Bologna to prepare a "Proprio American Thanksgiving" for friends tomorrow night. Giancarlo's mom supplied us with her traditional American recipes, and the restaurant supplied everything else for us.

If you're in Bologna (or in Italy and want to stop by Bologna), come to Farina Living Ristorante in via de Fusari 9 tomorrow night. You can bet I'll be there with my trusted camera to capture this very rare event.

Regardless how the turkey comes out, it will definitely be an interesting story.

{photo credit & Martha}


Erica said...

Hi! thanks for this blog. I am an American student here in Bologna and was looking for a restaurant for tomorrow night. Do you happen to know the menu or price??? Thanks!

Em and GC said...

Hi Erica! Of course- Here is the menu:
La zuppa dei padri pellegrini (Pilgrim soup)
Il tacchino ripieno
(Turkey & stuffing)
La zucca fritta
(Fried pumpkin)
Il pane al granturco
(corn bread)
Il plum cake ai mirtilli
(plum cake with blackberries)

The cost is € 28,00 per person and everything gets started at 8 p.m. If you want you can call: 051 263279 and reserve a table. The restaurant is located right off Piazza Maggiore.

Hope to see you there!

Roberta said...

Grande EMILY!!! Una vera e propria Thanksgiving Dinner!!!
Non vedo l'ora! Robbi

Elizabeth said...

The menu sounds delish (just reading your comments). So nice to have that holiday, even in another country.

Em and GC said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Fingers crossed it all goes well ;)

Anonymous said...

How fun is that and how nice of the restaurant to accomodate! Enjoy... looking forward to the story! with gratitude for your blog and for Italia... Valorie


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