Saturday, November 21, 2009

Someone Got New Glasses Today (Finally!)

It's been on the list since we've moved here: get Emily some new glasses.

Being the fashion center of the world, every day we see the coolest glasses in the world being worn, being sold, being displayed - everywhere. But being foreigners, we were a little hesitant about the process involved since I actually need glasses to see and read (and write this blog). We had so many questions, and didn't know how to get them answered. Would it be expensive? Would we need insurance? Would there be hidden costs? Would we have all the paper work needed?

Today, randomly walking around we hopped into an eye glass store to get our questions answered and to try on a few styles for kicks. And what we found out was: getting your eyes checked in Italy is quite possibly the easiest experience.

Not only are the eye exams free, but if you get "a note from the doctor" your glasses are free too. I was also informed that glasses you purchase now, you can then claim on your taxes as a tax deductible medical expense. A strange concept for these two Americans. So needless to say, we put down a €30 deposit and ordered me some new lenses!


Il Terrazzo Italiano said...

Wow, how a about prescription sun glasses, is that pushing things?

Em and GC said...

No not at all. Anything with a "prescription" is considered a medical expense and is therefore refundable by the government.

It makes sense now why Italians have 5 different pairs of glasses (and sunglasses)!

Susan said...

Free glasses, that's amazing! I've had mine since early high school, I've been pushing off a new pair.

The Thomas Kidlets said...

i want to see a pic of you in these fab new glasses!!!!!!

Em and GC said...

@ Hilary- I get them in a week!! :)


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