Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vinni Vedecci

Have you seen this?!

Forgive me if you have, I feel like we've been living under a rock in the realm of American TV until this past year. Vinni Vedecci, SNL's new character is an Italian talk show host on RAI (RAI- the leading channels here) sits down with actress Drew Barrymore, and couldn't have been more perfect. It seems like the last SNL episode (10/10/09) was all over Italians, and it was great.

Here's a clip from NBC's Saturday Night Live-
(due to copyright laws, it can only be viewed from a U.S. IP address)

Saturday Night Live - Vinny Talks to Drew

Saturday Night Live|MySpace Videos

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Tina said...

Are you in the US now? I guess Hulu videos can't be viewed outside of the States so I can't enjoy this lovely piece of footage :-( (I'm in Italy now)...

Em and GC said...

No we're in Italy, but we download TV via a few sites (via iTunes and some other sites ;)) It's the best and only way to get American shows abroad because of the IP address.


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