Monday, October 12, 2009

Ombralonga no more

I know it's early to think about the weekend when you just finished one, but as I'm staring down the barrel of a long work week, I (we) can't help it. Over the weekend we realized that the Ombralonga (Ombra in the local dialect means shadow) would be coming up soon, so we hit google to make sure that we didn't miss it this month. But, in an unfortunate twist of events, the yearly Ombralonga in Treviso has been canceled. Well, let me rephrase, not canceled per se but rather "restructured" after an unfortunate incident in 2008 (last year-we were here). You can check out the new structure of the Ombralonga or Veneto tra la terra e il cielo (Venice from the earth to the sky) here.

But let me step back, what exactly is the Ombralonga? To me it's quite possibly the greatest idea, a wine festival in the beautiful town of Treviso (next to Venice) where for a simple €10 entrance fee, you enter armed and ready with a cup, and a cup holder (to wear around your neck) and proper eating utensils to eat your way through the festival. Filled with local wine (home of Prosecco) and fresh local food equals perfection.

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This Saturday, hopefully we'll make our way to the little town of Treviso (an hour and half from Bologna) and check out the new "Ombralonga" for an afternoon on the canal with food, music and of course, some wine.

Stay tuned!

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