Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Summer is officially over for us as we returned Thursday from Amsterdam, and I was immediately thrown back into work with an event this past weekend. As glad as I am to be back to work, our poor little blog is backlogged with posts that I need to put up from August.

September is around the corner, and Bologna is finally beginning to wake up. The shops are removing their "chiuso per ferie" (closed for vacation) signs and the students are returning to classes. The piazza is filling up with day trippers, and the wonderful food and wine sagra's are beginning to start. Fall in Bologna is quite possibly the best season here, and Giancarlo and I will take a break from traveling outside the country and enjoy Bologna and Italy for all it's got.

My goal this Fall is to be better about updating! Let's see how well I do...


Melia said...

I just found your blog last week and have had a great time going back and reading all your old posts. Can't wait to read more!!

Peter from italyMONDO! said...

Enjoy your Fall in Italy! I'll be going back (after a summer of central air conditioning in the USA) on Thursday and cannot wait. Fall is, in my eyes, the best time to be in Italy.

(PS - Just found your blog! Good stuff :-) )

Em and GC said...

@Melia- I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog! I promise to post more soon

Em and GC said...

@Peter- Yes! Fall is the best and I'm very excited to see the summer heat leave us, especially when the Italians don't like central AC. Have a safe trip back!


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