Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sotto Le Stelle

One of my favorite things when living in New York City was watching movies outdoors in Bryant Park.

My summer-movie routine involved packing up my computer and walking down to Bryant Park (as my office was conveniently located right around the corner), setting-up shop with my blanket around 4 p.m., hopping onto the park's free wireless, and working from the park while I securely held onto our ever-so-small-spot for the evening movie. Giancarlo would meet me after work with dinner in tow (thanks to made-to-order sammies and fruit cups from Whole Foods), and we'd enjoy a movie in the heart of the city, under the stars.

Summer in New York City can be a very beautiful thing.

I've found that same summer beauty here in Bologna. Only now I don't have to pack up my lap-top to work from the piazza in order to ward off Italians from stealing my spot. Rather, I simply walk out of my apartment 10 minutes before start time with a bottle of Pignoletto, my comfy pants, and enjoy a free evening outdoors at the movies. And Giancarlo doesn't even have to meet me from work - he's already with me. Questa e' la vita.

Always with the food.

During the summer, every night in Piazza Maggiore the Comune of Bologna shows a new film. Last night, they decided to show Food Inc., and it wasn't dubbed in Italian (as almost all foreign films are), but shown in its original language - English - with Italian subtitles (a rarity as even American MTV reality shows are dubbed in Italian).

If you haven't seen this movie, see it now- especially if you live in the States. Living in Italy for this past year, we've experienced just how much Italians not only prioritize their food, but also its cultivation from start to finish. I can see the huge difference in food preparation as talked about in the film. (And there is a reason why the food is better here!) I support the local farmers markets (poultry and vegetables) and everything organic and natural. My simple rule-of-thumb: If I can't pronounce the ingredients, I don't buy it.

Go see the film.


Life Abroad said...

I've never been to an outdoor movie night, but it sounds so romantic and summery. Food in Italy definitely has a taste of better quality and freshness than it does in North America.

Life Abroad said...

It's me again! I couldn't find an e-mail address to contact you, so I hope you don't mind me leaving this in your comment section.

I'm doing a summer series on Life Abroad, called Summer Around the World. It will be featuring various bloggers from different parts of the world, showcasing what summer is like for them. If you agree, I can send you the short 5 question form, and more details. It would be great to feature ciao down as our Italian perspective! My e-mail is life.abroad@yahoo.com

nicole viola said...

I can't wait to see that movie, and your outdoor movie dates sound just dreamy! Makes me want to call up a babysitter and join you now!


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