Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm off!

Can you guess where?!

Shocker.. I know. I should just move there, but I'm heading up to London to pick up my sister for a little European jaunt. No new cities, just revisiting some old favorites. We're spending a few days in London and then off to Paris before heading down to spend some time in Fano. We have a few other trips planned for August, but I'll save it for later (God bless the Italians for closing the office the entire month of August).

Buon estate!


Polideuce said...

divertitevi! spero ci sia fresco in quel di Londinium; noi si rimane qui a boccheggiare per almeno un altro po'.

Saskia said...

I came across from Life Abroad's blog and I'm glad I did... what a lovely blog! I hope you're having a great time in London & Paris.

Saskia x

Vanessa said...

Just discovered your blog through your post on Life Abroad. Love reading fellow expat's blogs! Can't wait to read more :-)


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