Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm still attempting to get caught up with life since returning from California - finishing old projects, and starting a new one. But this past weekend we had a chance to head over to Fano for un battesimo (a baptism, more on that later).

Of course a weekend in Fano includes pranzo at Zia's house (homemade ravioli!) and a little fun with the flip.



SCOTT said...

I really have no idea whats bein' said, but that food sure does look tasty. But thats to be expected from an italian, i spose.. (:

Nicole Marie said...

I am very jealous that yo live in italy. i'm excited to stalk {in a nice way} your blog and hear about all your adventures and pasta eating!

Em and GC said...

@Scott- don't worry...neither do I.. she's speaking in dialect but she's so entertaining to watch!

Em and GC said...

@nicole- i'm glad you enjoy!!!


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