Monday, June 15, 2009

Ecco mi!

After roughly 48 hours of travel, which included 2 trains, 2 airplanes, 3 countries, 5 time zones and a few buses thrown in there somewhere, I made it safely back to the land of pasta.

More updates to follow after I recover from fighting some massive jet-lag, but I will inform that In-n-Out was consumed... on multiple occasions, Target was shopped at... on multiple occasions, played hide-n-seek with the sun... the sun won, but most importantly I got to just hang out with family and friends.

Now that I'm back, the countdown to some serious summer travel has begun.

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Digital Ice said...

I have to ask. How did you move over there? I spent a semester abroad in Roma and my family is from Italy and I desperately want to go back and live for a short while but to be honest I am scared, scared that I won't find a job, a place to live and most importantly scared to just get up and go...any suggestions or words of encouragement? ha please email me at perrijoseph AT gmail DOT COM


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