Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Soccer Gods Are Against Me

It's pisciando pioggia. I'm not sure if that translation sounds the same in Italian - whatever the case, that's what it's doing outside my window right now. Which is a major bum out, because I was really looking forward to catching the Champions League final at a pub on via Zamboni.

Oh well - instead I'll use this time to give a big "Forza Bologna" presence to the blog. After a pretty dismal season for the local soccer team, Bologna FC, this Sunday we'll find out if they will stay in Serie A. Fingers crossed, because after a full year of living in Italy Em and I have one big regret - we STILL haven't been to a game! I know, I know - not seeing a soccer game while living in Italy is like eating the chocolate parts of the Oreo and skipping the cream filling. Nonsensical and unforgiveable.

So, Forza Bologna! And Forza Operation "GC and Em going to Serie A game for the 2010-11 Serie A season!"

The crowd at the Dall'Ara Stadium

UPDATE: It stopped raining after an hour or so, and I was able to make it to the pub to watch Barcelona-Manchester Utd. playing in the Champions League final. I've seen the Red Sox win their first world series after 80-some-odd years, I've seen the Devils win 3 Stanley Cups, and lived in NYC when the Yankees won a bunch of World Series, but wow - you haven't seen passion for sport until you've seen Europeans go crazy over soccer. Tonight all the Spanish expats from Barcelona are making Bologna their city as they're parading through the streets singing their Barca chants, and waving their flags and Barca scarves. Congrats on a great 2-0 win tonight in Rome.

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Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is from Bologna and follows the team's antics, even here in the Netherlands. In fact, the pub we go to regularly proudly sports an FC Bologna banner now. ;)


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