Monday, May 18, 2009

Smem Invasion

I really don't know how this nickname got started, but it dates back to New Years Eve 2006 when Giancarlo and I were in London visiting Heather and Dave. Heather, the funny lady that she is, decided that my nickname should be Smem. It means absolutely nothing, just a nickname (I've been given many random nicknames, so whats one more...)

Well, last year while Giancarlo and I were still getting set up in Italy, we worked for three weeks at an Italian English camp in the Le Marche hillside. You can imagine our surprise (and the flood of jokes,) when one of the students was carrying her camera in this:

Free To Be Free...

So Heather, this is for you... for being ahead of the nickname curve. One other sidenote, the English bookstore in Bologna has a whole collection of Smem school notebooks, day planners... you name it.

How can one girl be so lucky?

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