Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear California,

I'm coming home to you!

I have officially begun the countdown to go home this Sunday. There are many, many things I can't wait to do, some things I don't (DMV to say the least) and many people I can't wait to see - three weeks just isn't long enough, but here are a few things I can't wait for:

10. Having NO pasta for 3 whole weeks! I'm very very excited about not seeing, and eating, you name it with pasta. (Although I'm sure I'll miss it just the same.)

9. Target, Target, Target. I think it's a California thing. We have no problem spending hours on end going up and down the aisles. I'm very much looking forward to doing just that.

8.5- Being able to speak English on a constant basis, and actually having someone understand me when I speak. It's a beautiful thing.

8. In-n-Out. Not that I need to eat it, but it's comforting knowing that it's there if I want it.

7. Disneyland with Nick. Because really, when is it not fun to act like you're 5 again?

6. Padres' games. Because nothing is more American than a baseball game, even if the Padres aren't good this year...

5. Old Town Mexican food (and margaritas)... the best in San Diego.

4.5- Starbucks. I may have realized that your (Starbucks) coffee isn't really all that good, but I still got a special place in my heart for ya. I miss the nights curling up in those big Barnes & Noble sofas with random travel books, iced coffee in hand. Plus, I can't get an iced coffee here in Italy to save my life. (Sorry, un shakerato doesn't even come close.) Very excited about finally getting one.

4. Seeing old friends and family. I'm sorry it's been so long...

3. Shopping, shopping and more shopping. Big thanks to the Euro for holding strong. Please stay where you are at, or feel free to work even more to my advantage while I'm in the States. I packed lightly and haven't shopped for summer clothes for this very reason.

3.5- Sun, sand, bonfires, maybe a little surfing, but just all around beach bum laziness. I've been working hard, it's ok, I deserve it.

2. Running errands with Dad and Sherri. The best thing ever, not only for the quality time with the fam, but it also usually involves a stop at Chipotle or Costco...most times, both!

1. Lounging around the pool and beach with these two beauties. More quality time and a nice tan!

As excited as I am to go home (and as hard as I know it will be to come back to Italy...twist my arm...I know...), there will be many things that I'm going to miss about Italy while I'm away (the number one of course being Giancarlo). But I'm kidnapping Nicole and Whitney for a week in the summer for a little European adventure. So it will be onto planning the next one when I return!


nicole viola said...

yay! I hope I get to see you. we would love to hit up the beach and/or starbucks with you. :)

Iva said...


Katie said...

You live in Italy?! I am officially jealous.

sarah said...

ha ha... number 8.5 ... i feel you! its wonderful when you can communicate without hand gestures and sound effects


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