Monday, May 18, 2009

Bella Roma!

Ok, so we actually went to Rome last June (my first time) because we had to visit the American Embassy (good excuse, right!?). Well, long story short, while we were in London last summer my computer crashed. Dead to the world with no hope of coming back to me. The ironic thing was Giancarlo had sent his computer home (with his dad) to get fixed for crashing a week earlier (Thanks Steve. Appreciate the hard work on the G4 books), and we had just uploaded all of our Rome pictures to my computer to make room on the camera for London pictures. We lost them all. Gone.

The plan was to wait till we went home to America again to get my computer fixed, seeing as they are Mac-phobic here in Italy (the Mac store down the street turned us away saying they didn't know what to do). If the Mac store in Italy can't help you, no one can... or so we thought.

Fast forward a good eight months later... Giancarlo's cousin Guglielmo had a friend over for lunch who said he could fix it. By this point, I was willing to give my computer to anyone who wanted it. We had already planned to go back to Rome at some point in the near future, so whatever. Take it!

I have to give a BIG grazie mille to Guglielmo because his homeboy fixed it! All my pictures have been returned to me, and the computer works... better than it did last summer (ok maybe not, but it feels like it). So enough of me writing. Here are some pictures of bella Roma! Finalmente!

(side note- I think I had built the pictures up in my mind because I really only saw them once before they fell into the abyss. These are pre- me having a crash course in understanding all the different parts of my camera (I'm still learning). We're planning on returning to Rome after I get my new lens in Cali!)

The Spanish Steps!

Don't you just want to dive right in?

The Colosseum

Il Foro Romano (The Roman Foran) next to the Colosseum.

My favorite part of Rome was just walking around, and no matter what corner you turned ruins awaited you. Just hanging out for the past thousand some odd years... amazing.

The storm coming in...

The Colosseum again.

Inside the Vatican Museum on the way to the Sistine Chapel.

Aperitivo hour in the Trastevere.

The Pantheon.

Inside the Roman baths.

Ruins hanging out around the Roman baths.

For more pictures, click here


Joseph said...

Great blog post! You got some great content here and writing style. Keep it up. Beautiful pics!

Btw, I just stumbled and submitted your blog to Hope it brings you a lot of new readers!

Pierre said...

Brilliant pictures - thank you very much for sharing them and your travel experiences. Been great browsing and I'll certainly be back for more!

Digital Ice said...

I have to ask. How did you move over there? I spent a semester abroad in Roma and my family is from Italy and I desperately want to go back and live for a short while but to be honest I am scared, scared that I won't find a job, a place to live and most importantly scared to just get up and go...any suggestions or words of encouragement? ha


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