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I'm finally getting around to updating and uploading photos from our trip to Bolzano last weekend. Last Friday, we had to say goodbye to Ryan as he headed back to New York for work, but Lora, Giancarlo and myself all packed up to continue the adventure up north.

We train-tripped it up to Bolzano on our way to Innsbruck. I've had a lot of Italians tell me that Bolzano is a very "particular" place because it's not really Italy, it's like Germany (according to my Italian sources), but they all love it. German is the first language learned and spoken, Italian is the second. It was so odd to be in Italy and only hear German. I was also given a few "go-to" recommendations from my Italian insiders. Whenever an Italian offers you a good place to eat, you take it. No matter what, it's going to be good.

Like good travelers, we started the trip fully prepared with magazines, sandwiches and a bottle of wine.

Bolzano is actually only about two hours away from Bologna on the regionale (very inexpensive 11 euro/one way) The city is beautiful and it sits perfectly at the bottom of the Alps. Most people go there to ski, but seeing as none of us ski or would even attempt it, we just explored.

The main piazza in Bolzano

Lora had booked us a hostel to stay in in Bolzano. I'd never stayed in a hostel so I had no clue what to expect, but I have to admit... it really was a lot of fun. Plus, the price was perfect after our Cinque Terre trip. I can't say that I'll always do it, but hey, a first for everything.

Having fun, hostel style

Buildings around the town

Very overwhelmed.

More Bolzano beauty

That evening we wandered around the city to search out this "particular" city. While strolling, we passed one of the places I was told to check out, Forst Birreria, so we made late reservations like good Italians for that night, not knowing what to expect. Forst is the local beer of that area, and they have restaurants throughout the town, most of them you can only get to by car. Giancarlo and I were also told that we must try the canederli which is the inside of a dumpling shaped like a meatball (more or less) made of bread, cheese and speck served in a broth. If you can read Italian, recipe is here. I'm still on the hunt for an English version.

photo credit: Arietta

Before dinner, we attempted to have an aperitivo to check out this local beer, my one complaint....No aperitivo! We're in Italy, but we're not in Italy. Very strange...

Awaiting aperitivo...

Creating our own aperitivo...

With no real aperitivo in sight, we decided to get a quick nosh and head over to dinner a little early. I'm so glad we did, dinner was AMAZING! We sat outside in the back patio, facing the promenade so we were in full Italian people watching position. For dinner we had the local cheese and meat, and for dinner (because it was just that good) Giancarlo tried the canederli while I ventured into strudel with grilled vegetables territory. Italian? German? Austrian? I don't know, but it was delish.

The next day, we wanted to try our hand at hiking these baby Alps. We were informed once more about a little town outside of the city (San Genesio) with promises of castles along the way... I mean seriously, what more do you need? We figured after hiking the Cinque Terre, this would be a piece of cake. (ehm. right.) The bonus was, we had to take a cable car up and over the over mountain to reach it!

The route... we think...

We went to the local town outdoor market to gather food for a picnic once we reached the top. This cheese stand was the absolute best! We took with us, pecorino con tartufo and pecorino con peperoncino. The most amazing cheese ever.

One of the Castles along the way

Heading up to the town via the Cable car. The views were incredible.

These little guys greeted us everywhere we went. But is it just me, or is she missing a dwarf?

The town of San Genesio. A beautiful little town, very quiet and hidden. My only complaint, the people weren't very friendly... and I have no clue why, we're in Italy!

We found the trail that we wanted to hike. Our first sign that maybe we weren't off to such a great start, the sign was broken on the ground.

A closer look.

The next sign that maybe we should abort the hike, all the trees were chopped down... confirmation that we again were in Italy.

A view of the Alps from the hike.

We gave up on the hike once the trail we were on dead-ended. Maybe we came to hike t0o early, too late, no clue, but we found the road well traveled and took it.

Saying goodbye to San Genesio...

After heading back down the mountain, and slightly disappointed by San Genesio (everything but the view) we decided that after that trip we were all in need of a cafe`. Of course, in Bolzano one must make their own aperitivo, and so we did.

That night we ate another fabulous dinner, I ventured into the unknown land (for me) of goulash and loved it! We decided to pack it in early that night so we could catch the first train to Austria. Stay tuned for more...!

For more pictures of Bolzano, click here.

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