Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sciopero- Bringin' Bologna Together

OK, so really - one of the first, most important, Italian words that one needs to learn is "sciopero" - better know to us as a "strike." Last night after work, I was walking home only to be greeted by an ATC march, protest, demonstration (...who knew at that point?), outside of our apartment. Later, I was informed (at 8 p.m.) that there would be a sciopero the next day. Nothing better than last minute. With a slight panic, because I had an 8 a.m. appointment the next day and no transportation other than ATC, I sent a text to a co-worker.

..Or so I thought.

Here's how it all went down:

Me: Hey L- Just heard about a strike tomorrow. Have 8 a.m. mtg. tomorrow. Not sure if affected or not by it, but heads up just in case.

Five minutes later- L calls me.

Me: Hi!
L: Ciao Emily, come stai?

Me: (Immediately realizing that this is not the L's voice that I know, and trying to figure out who the heck it is) Bene, bene. Tutto bene.
L: (In Italian) So whats up with this strike?

Me: (In my best Italian) Oh so sorry, I text'd the wrong L. I was trying to reach my co-worker about tomorrow.
L: (In Italian) Oh haha no problem. So how are you?
Me: (Still having no clue who this is) Good, good. How are you?

L: I'm good. Are you working a lot?
Me: (even more confused...) Yes, yes working a lot.

L: Oh good. How's G? (Giancarlo's cousin)
Me: (who is this? She knows where I work... she knows Giancarlo's cousin...) Um, he's good. He's working a lot. I haven't seen him.

L: Oh yes. And are you still living in the center?
Me: (curious as to how she knows I live in the center, and still can't figure out who it is)
Yes, right in the center. I love it. (and not knowing what to say because I have no clue who it is.)

L: Oh that's nice. Ok well have a good night.
Me: OK. You too!

2 seconds later....
Me: (calling Giancarlo) HELP! WHO DO WE KNOW NAMED L?
Giancarlo: Nobody, why?

Me: I just spent the last 5 minutes talking to woman named L, but not my co-worker. Someone that knows we live in the center, and knows your cousin!
Giancarlo: thinking...thinking.... OH! It's L from when we had pizza that one night with G. like 6 or 7 months ago. Remember you exchanged numbers?
Me: no...oh... Oh shoot! I had no clue who it was!

So how did the story end? I text'd back to apologize again, and now we're meeting for coffee on Saturday morning. Gotta love a good sciopero. Right...?


Meghan Argo said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! I found it through facebook. I live in Vicenza Italy and enjoy seeing other expats adventures! Thanks for sharing!

Meghan Argo said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! I live in Vicenza and really enjoy reading about other expats adventures! Thanks for sharing!


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