Tuesday, March 3, 2009

San Diego Lovin'

Ok so remember back a few weeks ago, when I was stopped in the street by the American dude from San Diego... well, I left a part of the story out. His wife (Italian) told me to take her number and call her to go out for coffee. They also have a nanny that is American and want her to make some friends.

Ok well, long story short, I took her number and in true American fashion, had no intention of calling, I just chalked it up to a random experience in Bologna. But, maybe it's because I've been living her for almost a year that after it all happened, it didn't seem weird at all that she gave me her number. And, if it happened the other way around, the Italian would probably totally call.

So after our friends from New York left, I decided to put away my "American" ideas and/or judgments about things and call to set up a coffee date. Turns out, it was the best thing I could have done. A night that started with simple coffee, and ended well past midnight, with Giancarlo later joining in on the fun because she lives right around the corner from us. I kid you not.

I have to remember this experience is about trying things that you would never (ever) think of trying. So here's to being a little more open minded, and of course, to some more So Cal love. We're invading Bologna!

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Erin said...

That's great! I too had to abandon my regard for traditional friendships as an expat in Australia. It is amazing how many wonderful people, expats like myself, I've met in the most unconventional ways. In the end I've realised it doesn't matter how you meet someone so long as the experience was worth it. Looks like yours was! Glad it went well!


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