Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lights Out

What do you do when mid-dinner all the lights in your building go out, and you're 100% certain that you paid the electricity bill?

Well, you do the following:

1. Meet the new neighbors next door, and realize that you officially live in the International House of Bologna. Next door we have students from Chile, Ukraine, Russia, and yes, one Italian soul (they needed him to sign the lease, haha), all getting their Masters at the University of Bologna.

2. You also meet the people downstairs, the ones you thought were the "true" Bologneses, and they surprise you by speaking perfect English!

3. After, when you realize that there is nothing you can do to turn the electricity back on, open up that semi-expensive bottle wine you've been saving (and by semi-expensive, I'm talking 13 euros in Italy) and play various games till all hours of the evening.

Thankfully, the electricity has been restored and life has returned to normal. Never a dull moment - that's life in Italy.

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