Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sei Americana?

Maybe it is Bologna, maybe it's Italy, or maybe the world is just that small. Last night, I was walking from work to meet Giancarlo and our friends from New York that arrived earlier in the day. Now, I don't look Italian... not even close. So, when I'm stopped for directions (and oddly enough a lot) I love getting a chance to practice my Italian.

But, last night, I was stopped by an adorable couple who asked me, in Italian, for a local pizza joint. Nothing was nearby so in explaining that, the gentleman picked up my non-Italian accent, and asked me "Sei Americana" (Are you American) ? "Si" I said, and then he said "Ah me too!" We started chatting and exchanging stories. I then asked the obvious question, "What part of America are you from?" With no hesitation, he responded "San Diego." My mouth dropped, and I took a slight step back.


He's from La Jolla, and I'm from Carlsbad. Two coastal So Cal beach towns 10 minutes from each other, and we all met in Bologna.

Pinch me.

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