Monday, February 23, 2009


As if going to Venice wasn't enough for one week, Giancarlo left for London last Wednesday for a wedding of a dear friend and got to visit our second family of friends in the city. I started on with a new company so sadly I had to be left behind to be his sugarmama (totally kidding!)

I sent away with a suitcase full of Italian pasta for everyone in London, and came back with this:

A BIG thanks to Heather's mom for raiding the local 7-11 back in America and bringing Giancarlo his guilty pleasure in London. Maybe we could start an import/export service...

More photos to be posted later, including the famous "flying condor dance" of 1984 and various other "Giancarlo" dance moves.

Found this on the internets right now, and felt like sharing. In honor of all our friends in the UK, here's to you...

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