Saturday, February 7, 2009

Check ya later, January

I for one, am very excited that January is over and February is here. Odd, yes but now the real party begins. Except for a day trip to Verona, Giancarlo and I have been working hard and hanging low.

Here are 10 reasons why I'm looking forward to the upcoming months:

1. Good friends from NYC arrive next week.

2. Carnevale season is here, and we're celebrating in Venice.

3. Planning a day trip to the Dolomiti

4. Franz Ferdinand and Peter, Bjorn and John shows in Bologna. (Finally good rock shows in Bologna. Wayyyy overdue...)

5. My golden b-day in March. 28th on the 28th!

6. More good friends from NYC and London arrive in April and a trip to Cinque Terre and Florence.

7. Weddings, weddings and more weddings.

8. Finally seeing the Amalfi coast.

9. Nicole graduating with her M.B.A.

10. Both of our families coming to Italy this summer!!


Polideuce said...

si preannuncia un febbraio impegnativo :)

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