Thursday, December 4, 2008

We're leaving on a jet plane...

And we're not telling you where we're going!

Since we decided to stay here in Europe this Christmas (and by pass decorating a palm tree, or going to Rockefeller Center), to help ease the homesickness that might soon set in, we booked a last minute weekend trip outside of Italy.

When Ryan Air offer's you zero euro flights, you take it. Wherever the city is, in whatever country (more or less) you go, right?!

Ok, so I'll give you five clues where we're going:

1. There is a famous Christmas market (so I'm told)

2. Known as the Manhattan of Europe.

3. We don't know the language there (which will be real fun...) and words that we can't even begin to pronounce.

4. Mulled wine is on the list to try.

5. Sister city, Milan, Italy

Think you know...?

(p.s. we're not leaving till the 20th... so guess away)


Polideuce said...

San Pietroburgo?
(ero indeciso tra questa e Cracovia...)
Ovunque andiate: buon viaggio :)
Io parto per Praga domani...


Giancarlo & Emily said...

no :) pero, Praga... que bella!! buon viaggio anche te!

MissB said...

Somewhere in Germany...Frankfurt?

nicole viola said...

I have no idea! but have fun! I can't wait to read about it.

Anonymous said...

Frankfurt, Germany


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