Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meet The Neighbors

There is a saying in the music industry among co-workers, "It's a small world, and the music industry is even smaller." Living in New York and especially working in Los Angeles, that saying couldn't be more true. And last night, the world, and the music industry got a little smaller.... again.

But let me rewind. When we first moved into our apartment in September, surrounded by local Bologneses, our ears perked up when we heard English outside of our apartment... and not just English but with American accents.

After being the sluth detectives that we are, we figured out who these Americans were. One day passing in the hall we simply asked the obvious question, and we were invited over for a little ex-pat apperitvo. Conversation flowed, as did the wine, and discussions were had about the frustrations with Italy, and the beauty of the adventure that drew all of us here to begin with. It's with that that we began talking about our jobs both in America and in Italy. How small is this world? Small enough that our American neighbors in Bologna, work in the same music industry, with the same bands and the same managers...Last night, in a little apartment in Bologna a Publicist, a Product Manager and Publisher sat miles away from home, as neighbors in a foreign country. Like I said, "It's a small world, and the music industry is even smaller."

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Courtney said...

Hey Emily! I'm on the Ladies Lotto blog right now and it looks very interesting. I don't have your email but mine is I'd love to know more! Take care, Court


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