Monday, October 27, 2008

Chargin' London

Last night Giancarlo and I went to our favorite local pub here in Bologna for the Chargers vs. Saints game in London’s Wembley Stadium. Growing up in San Diego, being a Chargers fan is just second nature, and living in Europe for the past six months you begin to crave the little things from home.

Showing some San Diego pride!

We first looked for tickets to see my beloved Chargers back in June when my dad told us they would be here, but they were already sold out! So, instead we decided to have an American weekend here. We kindly asked the bartenders to turn away from their “football” (it wasn’t an important game so we lucked out) to the Chargers game for a homesick San Diego girl. We ordered a hamburger and had a beer or two to celebrate and watch the game. It felt so good to be somewhat home.

our Italian hamburger and beer

noooo, don't loook!

it's over....

We, of course, were the only ones in the bar proudly cheering on the Chargers as they lost, but I was still a proud San Diego gal. Next stop, Superbowl!


Megan in Liguria said...

Ciao you two - you've been tagged by me! :)

My condolences on the game, blame it on the jet-lag.

From one SoCal girl to another: GO CHARGERS!

Yaya and Papa said...

"next stop, Superbowl" we can only hope!! At least Charger fans are true to the end.


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