Monday, September 22, 2008

The new Bologneses on the block

So for those who aren’t hip to the word, we’ve recently moved to Bologna. Milan got the boot (no pun intended) and Bologna won the coin toss. So here we are, in our new apartment, in the oldest University town in the Europe.

August is also over, which means we’re back to work, and the city is alive again with the promise of young minds. Giancarlo and I have already been scouting out our new favorites for the afternoon “apperitivo” session, “pub nights”, and “I can’t eat any more pasta, find me a Mexican restaurant now” night. Two of the three have been discovered (and will be blogged about more later). And if you know me, you know that the Mexican restaurant has already been compromised... the margaritas are almost as good as the ones in San Diego ( a feat that even New York couldn’t master).

For those of you unfamiliar with this hidden gem of a city, here’s the spark notes version:

*Home to the oldest University in Europe. Founded in 1088 which means tons of college students which means LOTS to do.

*Also home to Lamborghini (that’s just for you dad...just don’t expect one for Christmas)

*Communist government (don’t worry, no Cold War ties here… simply means that we get 3 free hours a day of free, uninterrupted wireless, free hybrid buses that take us everywhere we need to go, and other socialist perks like really cheap pharmacies)

*It’s located in the middle north of Italy. You know, right below the knee, between the shin and the calf.

*Known as the “gastronomic” capital of Italy. It’s nickname is “la grassa” or “the fat one” due to its renowned culinary center. And for Italian food, that’s huge!

*Twin cities- St. Louis, Missouri and Portland, Oregon..(seriously? who knew?)

If you’re dying to know more, check it out here: Bologna

F.Y.I- You know that you’re living in Italy when part of signing the lease to your new apartment includes a five page document stating that you live in a historical building from the renaissance, and any damage or additions have to be cleared through every society and commune office in Bologna. But it’s worth it for this view:

and this one-

and to make Giancarlo happy-


Miss Tiara said...

I bet it feel's nice that it's all coming together!

Lauren (Lo) said...

I love Bologna. This is my first time to visit your blog...enjoying it. So what are the 2 of you doing for work?

I left the states last year and moved to italy to teach. Got back in October and planning on going back to teach in may and love hearing about expats!

Check my blog out too!


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