Monday, September 22, 2008


Giancarlo’s cousin, Guglielmo, invited us over to Sunday pranzo here in Bologna. We were treated to amazing salami from the south, good Italian home cooking (gnocchi with home made tomato sauce!!!) and some award winning Montalcino red wine. It was still warm enough to eat outside, and while he cooked I enviously eyed his Ikea showroom apartment.

Mmmmmm,mmmm,mmmmm - The smiles of satisfied bellies.

And as we've been learning on our daily walks in the city, Bologna loves random gatherings. On our way home from lunch at Guglielmo's, we stumbled upon one such gathering that turned out to be a dance party in the Piazza. I couldn’t tell you what it was for, other than it was put on by a local radio station, and the Bologneses were out with their dancing shoes on… especially this guy!


The Woods said...

Is there still San Diego wedding bells planned for next summer or are you going to have an Italian wedding? I'm up for either and CAN'T Wait! I love the blog and eagerly await more posts.....I'm living thru you right now as the American life is JUST NOT SO EXCITING. Just got back from Honduras where I had a ball. I'm working on getting everything posted, but as you know it takes forever.

Happy Weekend,
love Liz

Courtney said...

Hah. I love the random events you stumble across in the piazza. That guy has got some solid moves. Good luck in Bologna!

a. said...

That guy dancing is ADORABLE!


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