Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grocery shopping 101

A trip to the market isn’t just a normal trip to the market here. The other day as Giancarlo and I were heading out for some daily grocery shopping, we bumped into our landlady. A general conversation ensued about our shopping list and when she asked us if we needed vegetables, we kindly said they were included on our list. “No!” she said “I must take you to my farmer.” Looking at Giancarlo puzzled, I said… “farmer?” Five minutes later, we were in her car on the way to her local farmer to pick our own vegetables. When we arrived, her "contadino" was away for the day. His brother simply told us to go pick what we wanted, and write down what we took and how much it came out to.

In true Italian fashion, she shoved (in the nicest way) baskets for our collections, and guided us down the rows and rows of fresh vegetables. Silly me, for not packing my camera for a simple trip to the grocery store, but I assure you that with my flip flops in tact, we were out in the farmer’s field picking fresh tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, lettuce, onions, potatoes and fresh herbs. When it came time to pay up, she had us simply weigh our veggies, leave the amount (three euros for nearly 4 kilos/8 lbs. of fresh veggies)

Note to self- when heading out to go grocery shopping, make sure to pack your camera beforehand.


Bluefish said...

This is amazing. It'll be great if there's something like that near my city.

spiteri-carrillo said...

Yum.. Yum.. Those veggies look good. Hope all is well, we miss you guys!


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