Monday, May 19, 2008

Off to the Opera

The other night we ventured off to the Opera to see a student performance of Histoire Du Soldat at the Teatro della Fortuna. Having sipped an espresso at the stand-up cafe, we took to our €16 box seats for the show. The opera, a Russian folk tale by Igor Stravinski, was a great story, but well..not the best performance I've ever seen but for €16, I wasn't gonna complain (and I needed to practice my Italian!) However, at the end of the show I found myself the only person standing up and clapping (still in our little box) I found out today that the reason that I was the only one standing was because the Italians didn't like the show. Apparently they are not afraid to tell you what they really think you did (which is not new to me), and by not standing up in appreciation for the performance they were really saying "I want my money back".

Lesson number 456 in the book. Check!

The view from our box

Sneaking a quick picture

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Nicole Viola said...

the opera house looks beautiful! or should i say molto bello!


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