Friday, April 25, 2008

Schooooooooooool's Out.... For the Summa!

Sing it with me! Yes, it is "officially" our last day at work. A little bitter-sweet, but in reality.. it has been one craaazy week, and I for one, am VERY glad to see it end (with drinks in hand)

This week I/we:

*Said ciao, to ciaobellabionda and moved full time to our new blog!

*Dealing with the bank on all the fruadulent charges on my credit cards= great time. I realized that Bank of America is really the best bank out there to deal with (just an fyi)

*Met with a detective about my stolen stuff. Had to look at photos of perps. Felt like we were in an episode of NYPD Blue and Dennis Franz was gonna come bust me any minute.

*Giancarlo's room is all packed up. We move him out Saturday... it is the end of an era.

*Packed up my desk. *sniff*sniff* Realized that I save too much stuff that doesn't need saving. Sent out goodbye e-mails...Giancarlo decided to quote Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused "Keep on livin', man. L-I-V-I-N." I, however, did not.

*Got Giancarlo so upset with me in having him meet me at his office Thursday, after drinks with co-workers, that I thought we were going to break up. Little did he know that there was a going away surprise party waiting for him. (pictures to upload soon) Lots of apologies later... he's back to loving me again.

*Purchased my last fix of Starbucks. Now that they have all the calorie counts on the drinks, it's not so much fun anymore.

*Giancarlo is set up with his first round of meetings for our first week in Italy. We'll be in Fano, then to back to Milan for a week before heading down to Rome. I believe after that, we're off to a coastal city named Bari in Southern Italy. It looks so beeeautiful online but we'll know more about that interview once we land in Italy. Fingers, toes, eyes crossed that everything falls right into place.

*Tonight, we are going to have "going-away party numero due" GC will be carrying two card board boxes to finish packing tonight (because that won't get ugly fast) and the big girl camera is coming out, but my bag is not leaving my side. Just try me New York, juuust try me!

Check ya later....

(photo credit: me! view from my office window)

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Miss Tiara said...

And I'm only a month behind! I will see you in Italy


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