Thursday, April 17, 2008

Holy Lingus

In the event that we are just a mere 3 weeks away from our departure to Italy, I hopped on the Aer Lingus site to just double check how much our suitcases can weigh for the flight. To my surprise, (or horror rather) I discovered that those in "Economy class" can only take on two pieces of luggage for a total of 80lbs. Math serving correctly, thats 40lbs each, before I'm charged euros for packing to much. I don't think I'm that old in remembering the days when domestically it was 50lbs. and internationally 75lbs.

2. Economy Class to/from USA

Free Baggage Allowance:
A maximum of 2 Bags per passenger.
A maximum of 36kgs (80lbs) in total weight between two bags when weighed together.

To most going for a week or two weeks, I have no problem.. and yes, most people are not uprooting life as they know it to move to a foreign country. I completely missed the memo about changing international flights from 75 lbs. to 50. And, you're talking to a girl whose suitcase last week going home (for two weeks- a girl needs options) was totally 53 lbs. for a domestic flight. And thank you to the nice man at JetBlue who didn't charge me for the extra clothes I had to shove in. Maybe this is Karma, and I will do as I'm told, but in researching the "Premiere" class, I discover more insightful information. They're given my "access" amount....for free! *Sigh*

The good news, as I often remind myself is, we're flying to Italy...on an Irish airline... on cinco de mayo. Either way, a cocktail will be had.

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