Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hi, remember us?! The two kids moving to Italy who have totally neglected to blog!? Well we're back (sorta.) We leave for Italy in 3 weeks with so much to still do. Next Friday is both Giancarlo's and my last day of work, and then we hit the packing party. Our official move-out date is May 1st and then we leave on May 5th. I'm still pondering what we are going to do without a TV for those four days. I will have to say goodbye to all my mindless reality television early. At least it is springtime here in New York, and I know that we will definitely keep ourselves busy saying goodbye one final time to all our friends.

As for when we arrive, well...all going well... we will be in a different city for Giancarlo to meet with all the headhunters that he's been in contact with and meetings with contacts that he has. Milan, Bologna and Rome...sounds like a great start to me! I pray that everything flows smoothly, but it's all about the adventure, right?! Remind me of that sentence at the end of May.

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