Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My new best friend... of many

I'm only four chapters deep in my "learn to speak Italian instantly" crash course with Giancarlo's mom, but his cousin Patrizia, who lives in Milan, sent us this Web site so that we can start scouting out apartments. I have to admit, my "lunch hour" at work has become the Tecnocasa hour (or the consulate hour depending on the mood.) I'm always on the site looking at ricerca di immobli residenziali in affitto. Lombardia- Milan- centro storico-tre locali to check out what isnew, what the prices are, and to see how far I can manage with my limited italian vocabulary. I have to admit that I do get pretty far, even though I'm not totall sure where I'm going or what city outside of Milan I'm looking at (thank you google maps!) What is great too is that it is for all over Italy, so wherever we end up...

In other news, I started to get my TEFL this week. I'm really not sure how it will all turn out, but regardless it will be good to have the tools to at least start doing private lessons until all my paperwork gets finalized .. and at the rate the consulate is going... could be awhile. Giancarlo has a meeting this week. Well, I take that back.. it's not actually a meeting as it is showing up unannounced and getting some answers. Thankfully he made a new friend the last time named Carmen who said that she would personally take on his case since the paperwork is delayed because of them and not us. So here's to hopefully some good news this week!

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